E shtunë, 20 dhjetor, 2014


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Emisioni televiziv Ditari sjell pranë jush lajmet më të fundit nga bota, korrespondencat nga rajoni, intervista dhe analiza me tema nga më të larmishmet. Ju mund të gjeni gjithashtu të rejat e fundit nga mjekësia dhe shkenca, si edhe nga bota e artit.


Ngërci për guvernatorin drejt zgjidhjes

Këshilli Mbikqyrës i Bankës Qendrore propozon për anëtar të tijin zotin Gent Sejko, kandidaturë e presidentit për postin e guvernatorit. Këshilli: Vendimi për të kontribuar në një zgjidhje të pengesës ligjore të krijuar
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Obama: SHBA do t’i përgjigjen sulmit kibernetik

Presidenti Obama ka premtuar se Shtetet e Bashkuara do të përgjigjen me masa "proporcionale'' ndaj sulmit kibernetik për të cilin fajësohet Koreja e Veriut
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Presidenti Obama në mbrojtje të politikave

Presidenti mbajti një konferencë shtypi për politikat që ka ndjekur gjatë vitit që po përfundon.
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Bota e akullit në Roevershagen

Një ekspozitë me skulptura akulli në këtë qytet gjerman nderon yjet e Rock and Rollit
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Jeb Bush dhe gara presidenciale 2016

Një kandidaturë e mundshme e zotit Bush paraqet mundësinë e një gare tjetër Bush-Clinton
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  • Javier Yanez stands on his balcony where he hung a U.S. and Cuban flag in Old Havana Cuba. After the surprise announcement on Wednesday of the restoration of diplomatic ties between Cuba and the U.S., many Cubans expressed hope that it will mean greater access to jobs and lift their struggling economy.
  • A Pakistani legislator places flowers at a memorial in Islamabad for the children and teachers killed by Taliban militants in army-run school in Peshawar on Tuesday.
  • Supporters of the Gulen movement wave Turkish flags as they gather outside the Justice Palace in Istanbul. A Turkish court kept a media executive and three other people in custody on Friday pending trial on accusations of belonging to a terrorist group, in a case which President Tayyip Erdogan has defended as a response to "dirty operations" by his enemies.
  • A young Indian hawker, selling Santa Claus hats and masks at a traffic junction, takes a break from work in Bangalore. Despite Christians forming only a little over two percent of the billion-plus population in India, with Hindus comprising the majority, Christmas is celebrated with fanfare and zeal throughout the country.
  • Israeli border police detain a Palestinian protester following a prayer for Palestinian Cabinet minister Ziad Abu Ain, who collapsed shortly after a protest on Dec. 10 in the West Bank village of Turmus Aya, as they clash with the troops near the village outside of Ramallah.
  • Fishermen look at Mount Gamalama as it spews ash into the air during an eruption at Ternate, Maluku island. Indonesia temporarily closed a domestic airport after a volcano in the country's east erupted, spewing plumes of ash hundreds of meters into the air.
  • Teachers and students stand in a lotus flower formation to mark the 15th anniversary of the return of the Macau Special Administrative Region to China at a primary school in Lianyungang, east China's Jiangsu province. Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Macau for the anniversary.
  • Three of four newly-born cheetah quadruplets rest at their enclosure in Prague's zoo, in the Czech Republic. The four cubs were born on Nov. 21, 2014. Scientists say every cheetah cub is critical to saving the species, which is threatened with extinction in the wild.
  • Waves hit an Indonesian tanker that ran aground near Narathiwat in southern Thailand. The tanker, loaded with palm oil and previously hijacked by its crew members and then seized by Thai authorities, was anchored some 400 meters from the beach but strong wind and waves broke it free.
  • The illuminated Christmas tree is seen in the old city in Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • Window cleaners dressed as horse and sheep zodiac animals clean the glass exterior of a hotel in Tokyo. During the year-end "zodiac" hand-over event, the outgoing Year of Horse handed a window wiper to the successor Year of Sheep.
  • A spectator with a head ornament watches a match during the fifth and final day-night international match between Pakistan and New Zealand at the Zayed International Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  • A picture taken Friday from the top of al-Hamra Tower shows a view of Kuwait City at sunset. The tower is the tallest skyscraper in Kuwait and one of the top 10 tallest towers in the world.
  • People walk in a shopping mall decorated with Christmas lights in Berlin, Germany.